About us

MOHANDISI: Where Art Meets Engineering.

Quickly connect with exceptional Talents from Kuwait and hire them with a click!

Mohandisi is an online portal including a responsive website and mobile application to connect project owners from one side, to consultants and designers on the other side.

We seek to host a handpicked group of talented professionals in the Mohandisi community who work hand in hand with partnered suppliers and contractors offering efficient and complete solutions to the end user.

Mohandisi offers design and engineering services at an hourly rate to cover specific tasks such as product selection assistance or site supervision and reporting. This breaking down of previously difficult to acquire services, into newly presented, measurable jobs, allows the average project owner to have easier, more affordable access to talent and good advice!

Professions and Services

Mohandisi includes a multitude of Professions from the domains of Art and Engineering.

Clients can quickly:

  • Connect with talented professionals
  • Review consultants profiles and portfolios
  • View all the suppliers, contractors and engineering companies the consultant works with
  • Book affordable design services
  • Get notifications when consultant accepts or declines the request
  • Prepay and keep their money safeguarded by the portal until the type of direct service is delivered.
  • Send and receive files.

Consultants can quickly:

  • Connect with clients by creating an outstanding design profile to showcase their business.
  • Set the ideal working schedule
  • View and accept or reject service request
  • Get paid on time
  • Establish work connections from the Mohandisi professional community
  • Get discounted rates to issue municipality drawings and building permits.
  • Send and receive reports and files
  • Provide and advertise about training courses based on the professional expertis